FX DRS Pro MDT 700 Airgun

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FX DRS Pro MDT 700 Airgun


Introducing the FX DRS Pro – a new platform built from the ground up with precision shooting in mind. The FX DRS sets a new standard in the world of air rifles. Designed for those who demand excellence, the FX DRS Pro is not just a contender against .22lr rifles; it’s a game changer for any precision shooter looking to dominate competitions or hone their skills.

With that goal in mind, it has been designed with the air tank wrapped the air tank around the barrel, eliminating the large air tank needed for air pressure and lowering the profile of the overall rifle – resulting in a very slim front end and an overall more balanced rifle with perfect ergonomics. The FX DRS is designed with enough power to compete with the 22lr. However, it can also be configured to a lower, more economical power, making it the perfect rifle to practice and perfect your shooting skills in a cost-effective way (considering the ever-increasing prices of firearms ammunition.

Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine. It is large enough to handle the task at hand, yet blends seamlessly with the sleek look and feel of a traditional competition rifle.

To create a rifle like the FX DRS Pro and compete in PRS 22 and NRL22 competitions, it needed to be put onto a strong and reliable base. Therefore, we partnered up with MDT, who is renowned for their top-tier chassis designed by pro shooters for pro shooters. This ensures a robust and reliable base for the FX DRS Pro, making it a force to be reckoned with in PRS .22 and NRL .22 competitions.

The FX DRS Pro Model comes fully equipped with everything you need, including:

  • A one-piece Picatinny rail with a 30 MOA incline, providing the perfect base for your optic.
  • A new mini magazine, just as robust and easy to use as the standard one, allowing for a lower scope mount while still holding enough shots to clear a competition range.
  • A fully adjustable, true match-grade trigger with unmatched crispness and featherweight pull.
  • A large magazine-style power plenum delivering maximum power.
  • A 700mm liner system with superior heavy liner.
  • A pre-installed slug power kit.
  • The latest AMp regulator version, ensuring unrivaled consistency in velocity and giving you the edge you need in any shooting scenario.


And if that isn’t enough, you can still go one step further with one of the available accessories.

Don’t settle for just an air rifle. The FX DRS Pro is not another air rifle; it’s a game-changer that will dominate your next competition or the perfect training companion to practice your skills.

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.177 , .22 , .25

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