Huma-Air Airgun Lube Silicone Grease

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Huma-Air Airgun Lube Silicone Grease – 20ml


This low-viscosity airgun silicone grease is used in Huma-Air’s own production for the lubrication of the internal and external regulator o-rings. Standard silicone greases are typically thick and clumpy, making it unsuitable to handle the dynamic movement of the internal regulator parts. Huma-Air’s airgun lube silicone grease lubricant is perfect for the maintenance of all p-rings in your air rifle: internal pressure tube o-rings, pellet probe o-rings, or even the cylinder wall when fitting a regulator inside the pressure tube. You only need a few drops to keep up on your air rifle maintenance!


Comes in a 20 gram dripper bottle with an extra-long tip.

*Huma-Air Airgun Lube is non-toxic and made of silicone oil with a thickener: it is not suitable for human consumption and not suitable for internal or external use in or on the human body.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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